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This morning’s cup

I know I’ve shared a similar tea drink with you before, but now you can see one of the brands of tea that I enjoy. Here was another Yerba Mate Latte. (not Chai this time.) Tea, warm milk, and honey. … Continue reading

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1/24 breakfast

Chinese new year cake: You can see the ingredients listed in the picture, but it’s almost like a warm, gooey, geletin cake that tastes like red beans. I love it. Yum! frying   Pu- Erh with sweet Chrysanthemum Tea. Soooo good!

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fried egg/rice, chai tea latte

For breakfast I melted some colby jack cheese over leftover veggie fried rice, drizzled some sriracha on it, and topped it with an over easy egg. I paired it with a makeshift chai tea latte (chai yerba maté tea, honey, hot almond milk) and … Continue reading

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