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cilantro lime chicken & Apple cobbler with blueberries

My best friend is moving to Phoenix, so we had her over for a farewell dinner. She loves Chicken and Mexican food, so I made this easy dinner. It’s basically chicken breasts, cilantro, lime, taco seasoning, and salsa. I added … Continue reading

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chicken noodle soup

It’s cold. I’m sick. Perfect time for classic chicken noodle soup. I boiled a whole chicken with carrots, onion, celery, thyme, marjoram, bay leaves, lots of garlic, and a couple of hot peppers. After 1.5 hours, I took out peppers and … Continue reading

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the best meatloaf ever

my mom gave me her simple recipe and I love it every time. It’s super moist, and really flavorful. I never need gravy or any toppings..(like ketchup. ew. whoever thought to put that on meatloaf?) So, I use a package … Continue reading

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1/24 breakfast

Chinese new year cake: You can see the ingredients listed in the picture, but it’s almost like a warm, gooey, geletin cake that tastes like red beans. I love it. Yum! frying   Pu- Erh with sweet Chrysanthemum Tea. Soooo good!

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Chinese New Year

My mom made these for Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner with my family.   These are called Lion’s Head. They are basically huge Chinese meatballs served with cabbage. 5 Spice chicken wings   Mackerel filets with black bean and cilantro. … Continue reading

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Collard Soup

collard greens, sausage, onion, garlic, a dash of hot sauce, a couple of table spoons of vinegar, salt, and broken rice (I just used a handful of glutinous rice. It breaks up in the soup.)

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So, I know this is probably not the best way to start this blog, but, I’m going to do it anyway. You guessed it. A food dump.

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